SchoolsHub App for Parents

SchoolsHub mobile app for parents offers a one-stop source for all information from the school and provides a bi-directional communcation channel with school and teachers

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If you have not received any activation code, contact your child's school's administrator to create your account.

Mobile & Web App for Parents

SchoolsHub Mobile & Web App for Parents offfers a controlled and moderated bi-communication channel with parents and students.

  1. Secure login based access to information from the school.
  2. Get messages and notifications from school
  3. Receive exam schedules, reminders and results
  4. Get due fees reminders and notification.
  5. View attendance notifications from the school.
  6. Apply for leave of absence for your child from the app.
  7. Connect with other parents in the school community.
  8. View and edit information about your child from the app.

It keeps the parents constantly in touch with children's academic performance.

Secure & moderated communication platform

Fully automated system